Spirit or matter?

Achieve eternal happiness

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   Achieve Yoga

  Fill up your heart with love

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Live life of peace and happiness
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Who are you?

Discover your real identity

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 Who am I?

If you know who you are then you know how you can be really happy in life. Mantra meditation helps you discover your real identity.

 Why am I here?

By understanding your position in this world you can see clearly the reasons from the past and goals for the future.

 Is there life after death?

Awareness of reality of reincarnation helps you prioritize activities in your life. After all we are here for limited time only.

 Is reincarnation real?

The body which you had 10 years ago doesn't exist anymore yet you still exist and can feel the same. Somehow you transmigrated from one body to another.

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Namaste Dear Friends


We are society of friends who are interested in spiritual development, personal growth and self-realization.
We are people from many nations, cultures, backgrounds, age groups and believes.
Respecting diversity of this what is outside - we are truly united by this what is within.
Everyone interested to join us is welcome to our classes, meditation sessions and retreats.
All meetings are free of charge. 

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